Moroccan Rug - Flatweave and Knot

Moroccan Rug - Flatweave and Knot


***** Custom made product *****
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Flatweave Kilim-Rug from Morocco with handwoven geometric design featuring natural wool without dyeing in gray, ivory and blue tones. This style of Moroccan flat fabric is woven without a memory pattern, making the design complexity even more impressive. On the sides it has fringes of wool. Mix Knot and Shadoui weaving techniques.

The minimal design works well in contemporary interiors.

This wonderful piece is part of a collection of Kilims (SHADOUI) produced by TASHKA working in collaboration with berbers women of the AΓ―t Ouaouzguite tribe. These craftswomen live in small villages scattered in the region of the Siroua Mountains between the High and Middle Atlas.

They weave in their houses with vertical looms built by themselves. Very often they weave in groups or in shifts and it is very normal that a single carpet this made by several women. The manufacturing time can last for several weeks or even months, depending on the size, the difficulty or the household tasks with which they combine the work.

.: Colors: natural wool without dyeing in Gray and Ivory.

.: Material: 100% wool

.: Sice: 300 cm x 200 cm ( +/- )

.: Made and Designed: Khadija Hamid (TASHKA)

.: Manufacturing time: 1 month, 1 craftswomen

.: Made in morocco

.: Wash at 30 degrees

.: We ship from Marrakech


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