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We are weaving the future

Tashka is a project that goes beyond the production and commercialization of handmade rugs, it is an initiative with the purpose of showing the true value of the artisanal work of the Amazigh’s women communities from remote areas in Morocco, connect the world with these handmade textile treasures and reinforce ancestral crafting techniques to ensure that these women and their families can live of their talent with dignity. 

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NEWS… RUUUGS is born!

RUUUGS they are the small ones of TASHKA ! Is a project that puts together the tecnique and creativity of of the imazighen artisans women from Morocco and the imagination and innovation of illustrators and artists from around the world to create a rugs collection for kids.

Our rugs

Behind each rug there is no anonymous work, it is the talented hands of Malika, Fatima, Fadma, Karima, Ija, Khadija, Habiba and Saida, among many other women that make possible the existence of TASHKA rugs. They are our collaborators and the guardians of the Amazigh textile tradition, a unique heritage that must be protected, cared for and respected.

A responsible and sustainable commercial practice like the one proposed by Tashka is the only way to make a real and positive change in these communities.
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