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. Promote the exchange in both directions

TASHKA.LAB is an artists residency customized to work together with Berber weaving craftswomen of the region while developing an artistic project.
The goal of this project is not only to show the artistic value of these fabrics but to also encourage an authentic exchange where both parties are nurtured with the knowledge of the other ... Exchanging ideas on a personal, artistic and cultural level. Generate an artistic production space between artisan women and the resident artist through a process of social reflection and textile experimentation.


. First trip we make to launch our new project TASHKA_LAB

The participants of this first experience of #tashkalab were: Georgina Espasa / telarium.studio ... weaver and textile artist (Berlin) .... Sonia MartΓ­n and Julio Rey , fashion designers (Barcelona) very committed to the recovery of traditional craft techniques.


"It is the second time I visit the beautiful Siroua region and the first time there is a closer exchange with the bereber weavers. For a week and thanks to Tashka, we have worked together and shared knowledge.

They have taught me the pattern "shadoui", an ancestral technique of woven writing, typical of the region and transmitted through their tapestries for generations. The patterns reproduced by these women imply rigor in the technique and must be respected to obtain the perfect symmetries that draw.

I have taught them how I work and what are the techniques I use. In my creative processes I usually mix weaving techniques and I do not follow the patterns. I like to experiment and be surprised by the results. I have encouraged them to do the same and see what happens. It seemed interesting to me, and especially for them, that they dared to modify those processes and offer them the possibility of freeing their creativity."

Georgina Espasa


Fatma, Habiba, Ija, Aisha and Fatima you great teachers of the Berber weaving ......thanks!