RUUUGS... weaving stories !


Behind every rugs there is a story to tell...


Ruuugs are the small ones of TASHKA ! Is a project that puts together the tecnique and creativity of of the imazighen artisans women from Morocco and the imagination and innovation of illustrators and artists from around the world to create a rugs collection for kids. Ruuugs believes in the importance of spreading good messages to new generations, that’s why kids should be aware that, behind every rug there’s is a story to tell, where people who made them are the most important value. Ruuug connect artisan women and designers with an audience interested in discovering their stories. Each rug is a door to explore all that context, talent, creativity, legacy and connection between cultures.

2019-07-03 16.33.22-2.jpg

Little by little, knot by knot, our project is materialized in a unique piece thanks to the experienced and affectionate hands of Hanan, his children watch them with curious and surprised eyes... they have never seen a rug like this before!


Committed to the environment and the health of people…

In Tashka we are committed to the environment and the health of people, for this reason, for our rugs and especially this children's collection, it is of great importance for us to work with wool of the highest quality. Unfortunately many times this is not possible to guarantee with the wool to be bought in the souks of Morocco .... for this reason, for our first carpet we have opted for spun and dyed wool in Europe, so that it conforms to the standards of quality we want to offer our customers.


The first RUUUG!!

This is the first RUUUG, for our children collection. Designed by @susie_hammer and hand woven by Hanan, Fatima and Zahra. Our RUUUGS are made of 100% wool. They can be hung as a picture on the wall or also, as soft and fluffy carpets, decorate rooms or playrooms for children. This RUUUG is 90cm x 70cm. But It can also be done in a larger size 140cm x 70cm. For custom sizes you should check with us!


More designs to see soon... We are excited to know your opinion!