Artist collaboration interview: Susie Hammer

Susie Hammer is the name behind Zuzia Młotek, a Warsaw illustrator based now in Barcelona and the first artist who collaborated with Ruuugs by Tashka.

She has been working for editorial projects, illustrating books for kids, creating her own projects and now she has her job woven in a Tashka Ruuugs, available now in our shop! Her style is playful and colourful, and she creates simple and friendly characters that make smile both kids and adults.


We have been following her job for a while and we considered it would be amaxing to collaborate together in this project. As Ruuugs cares about the stories behind every rug, we interviewed her, because we would like to discover a bit more about her, her work, what inspires and the collaboration with us.


Can you tell us which is the process you follow for creating your work?

I really don’t have a single way to do my work. Each project is very different, so I set a bespoke process to each of them. It all depends on the timing, the canvas, complexity and mainly the people who I’m working with. But essentially, all projects start me looking for stuff, finding references, talking with people and then, drawing and drawing!

Observing your work, everyone will say that is joy-full and colourful, but, which is your favourite colour palette?

I don’t have a favourite colour palette. I like very vibrant colours, contrasts and that makes you feel joyful. Of course, pink is always a must. I think pink it a colour that suit absolutely everything. A colour that I hardly ever use is purple.

What do you like the most of being illustrator? And the less?

First of all, I like the fact that each project is different. There’s no room for being bored! Each briefing it’s a challenge: new formats, materials, research and discover new things… You can even work with people from all over the world. 

And perhaps, what I like the less is the fact that sometimes I have to work on my own, spending hours and hours drawing on my desk. That’s why I need to share my workspace with others, because the time I spend in front of the computer are funnier and easy going. I would never be able to work at home on my own!


Why did you decided to collaborate with Ruuugs?

I always wanted to design a rug and when Montse and Natalia explained me the project, I liked it straight forward. It’s amazing being able to discover the process that is behind that thorough task, that is weaving a rugs by hand. We often look at the things around without thinking about where they come from, how they are done or the effort it takes to do them.

Collaborating with artisan women and observing how they work it’s a rich and amazing experience and a really interesting cultural exchange. 

I’m looking forward to travelling to Morocco in October, meet those women in person and learn from them.

Did you ever use fabrics, wool, weaving or other crafts technics to develop your work?

Yes! I did! I’ve been working in textile design for several years, specially clothes for children. I use to paint walls and I did some did some exhibition…. well…I actually try to work in any sort of material provided. But my work is mainly digital and editorial and it’s exiting collaboration and such a funny thing like a rug design.

What’s the story behind the cute dog on the rug you created together with Ruuugs? What inspired you?

Dogs, in general, are a frequent element featured in my work. Puppies drive cars, ride skateboards, wear hats and dance. I do love those animals. I think that’s why I draw them that much. It’s like my personal touch. Designing Rugs rug, I turn a small puppy in a more abstract and geometric composition, getting inspired by the original Moroccan designs. 

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