Behind every rugs there is a story to tell...


Ruuugs are the TASHKA little ones! It’s Is a project that puts together the technique and creativity of of the imazighen artisans women from Morocco and the imagination and innovation of illustrators and artists from around the world to create a rugs collection for kids. Ruuugs believes in the importance of spreading good messages to new generations, that’s why children should be aware that behind every rug there is a story to tell, where people who made them are the most important value. Ruuug connect artisan women and designers with an audience interested in discovering their stories. Each rug is a door to explore all that context, talent, creativity, legacy and connection between cultures.

Women stories that try their best to live on their talent and creativity!


the first RUUUG!

This is the first RUUUG for our children collection. Designed by @susie_hammer and hand woven by Hanan, Fatima and Zahra. Our RUUUGS are made of 100% wool. They can be hung as a picture on the wall, as soft and fluffy carpets, or to decorate rooms or playrooms for children. More designs coming soon...

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Committed to the environment and the health of people


Nowadays, the environment protection is not an option, it’s a duty and the key of our future. Sharing this concept with our kids it’s our commitment. We believe in the new generation’s power of understanding, act and transform the planet.

In Tashka we are committed to the environment and people’s health. For our rugs and especially this children's collection, using high quality wools for our rugs is really important. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the quality of wool bough in souks of Morocco, that’s why sometimes we have to buy spun and dyed wool made in Europe., so that, it conforms the standards of quality and sustainability that we want for our costumers.

In a world where everything moves fast and where the ephemeral things win, Ruuuugs creates products made in an ethical and traditional way. That way we can offer durable products.



The Ruuugs are made specially for each of you and are produced by demand. Due to the artisanal nature of this product, the time of preparation of your order can be 4 to 5 weeks.

There are two sizes available. If you want a custom size, contact us!

Small sizel 90cm x 70cm.

Large size 140cm x 90cm.


All our Ruuugs are done by hand and are available in limited quantities. All our retailers are selected by care respecting those specs. Are you interested in selling our rugs?

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Our Ruuugs are designed to stimulate the imagination of both kids and adults and make the enjoy playing together…

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