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This is the story of a reunion between a mountain guide and a textile artist who met in Marrakech more than a decade ago, last year their paths crossed again and that’s when this exciting project emerged.

Hafida was the first Moroccan woman to become a qualified mountain guide when she was only 20 years old. Born in Marrakech in an Amazigh family, she knows this territory like the back of her hand. Through Tawada Trekking, her own adventure travel agency, she has traveled thousands of kilometers through the valleys and mountains of the Atlas, discovering them to tourists from all over the world. But there are few things that Hafida enjoys more than talking with the women who live in these remote places, hence her commitment that their meticulous work behind the looms be recognized.

Montse –photographer and graphic designer - worked in a fashion magazine until one day decided to leave everything and move to Marrakech where she discovered her passion for crochet and crafts. Back in Barcelona, she created La casa de coto and Muima* a brand of textile home objects from where she sells her designs and those of the Maghreb’s artisans. In 2013, she co-founded Talleres Nómadas, a pioneering experience of traveling to Marrakech or the Antiatlas Mountains while visiting local artisans.

 For Montse and Hafida this is only the beginning, their will is to reach other remote places and that women can live of their talent with dignity.